Dental Injuries

Time and again, accidents happen. All parts of the body are vulnerable to injuries and that includes the teeth. Just like in other accidents, you need to understand how to take care of a dental injury. Of course, you will be preventing the spread of the injury to serious levels once you conduct first aid. You will need to see a doctor in the long run, but what to do immediately after the accident will help a lot I the curing process. You will be making the dentist’s job easier and even keeping the cost low. Here are some ways to give first aid to your dental injuries.

Knocked out tooth

In severe injuries, the teeth may be knocked out hard. The entire teeth may come out leave alone breaking. In such cases, you need to collect your tooth and rush to the nearby dentist. It is possible to have the tooth replanted if the procedure is carried out fast enough. Within 30 minutes, the procedure is possible. A maximum of 2 hours is given to reach a dentist. Seek for ways to reach to a dentist. An ambulance can help.


It’s the most common type of dental injury. Accidents that target the flesh may remove the covering skins leaving the blood to flow freely. You need to prevent excessive blood loss by returning the flip skin to its normal position and then covering the injury with a clean gauze or cloth. If it’s the tongue that has been injured or cut-off, you need to repeat the same procedure.

Broken tooth

Where the impact is not severe enough to knock out the entire teeth, it might fracture or break the tooth. You need to collect the broken tooth part and let it be with you as you visit the dentist. It might be fixed back where possible or other procedures be recommended where nothing can be done to correct the old parts. This applies to even the artificial teeth and not only the natural ones.


Of course, injuries will cause pain and sometimes severe pain. You need to at least regain peace of mind by taking some strong painkillers just to suppress the pain. Over the counter drugs will be appropriate then. Where the injuries occur in sports, for example, ask for the painkillers from the doctors.

Cold presses

It’s another way of getting rid of excessive pain. Cold compresses will help you cope up with the introduction of ice that calms the nerves around the injured part.


You are already in pain, so, don’t make matters worse by taking the hard foods. Your teeth don’t have the energy to chew hard foods. You need to go for the soft foods that are super easy to swallow. Porridge and soup can be ideal then.

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