Gingivitis and How to Prevent It

Taking care of your mouth involves all the oral structures in your oral cavity. Many treat only the teeth and forget other structures that also do matter. The gums, for example, are vital for overall oral health. In fact, they form the living structures that have relationships to the rest of the body parts. Gingivitis starts as mild bacterial infections, red gums, swollen gums and regular bleeding of gums. Such might seem mild or even normal for some people but once these symptoms are ignored, they come back to prove you wrong. If you really love your teeth, understand what gingivitis is and prevent it in the best ways you can. Otherwise, the teeth will be nowhere to be saved once they get lost.


It’s a condition of inflamed gums that later grow to become a serious gum disease. Things can even get worse to cause heart attack and other heart diseases. The only best way to go is to prevent it. To prevent it, you have to understand the root causes. Plaque is the main contributory factor that leads to gingivitis. Plaque builds up with time from mucus, food particles and bacteria if you don’t regularly brush your teeth. The plaque being a sticky substance will create the best conditions for other bacteria to act on your teeth to cause teeth decay and inflammation of the gums. Other causes of gingivitis include hormonal imbalance, smoking, family history, certain medications and certain diseases.

Preventing gingivitis

It is important to understand that preventing gingivitis prevents a series of other oral and even general healthy issues. It is hence a necessity. Check out the many ways that you can have the gingivitis out of your way hereof.

  • Regular teeth brushing – it’s the basic activity that should be a routine for every person ranging from the kids to the aged. Ignoring this basic task will bring so many issues including gingivitis. As mentioned, the main cause of it is the buildup of plaque. Plaque buildups up only when you don’t brush your teeth on regular basis. To make your brushing even more effective, use fluoride toothpaste.
  • Flossing – brushing puts the attention on the visible teeth surfaces. There ae teeth joints that are mostly unreachable. Those need to be flossed to prevent build up of plaque in between.
  • Use powered brush – comparing the manually and the electrically operated toothbrushes, the latter is seen to be more effective. Try it out and enjoy the benefits.
  • Use mouthwash – antiseptic mouthwashes are effective in preventing gingivitis when used regularly.
  • Regular dental visits – your dentists is the expert to consult when things are not going right. Go for check-ups after every 6 months. Dental cleaning will also ensure that no plaque builds up for so long to cause a disaster.

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