Wisdom Teeth Extraction Tips

There’s no teeth that cannot be pulled out. Just like the milk teeth in kids are extracted, the wisdom teeth can as well be extracted. The procedure is the same only that there is more technicalities involved. Removing wisdom teeth manually is not recommended. Having the extraction done in a dentist’s office is recommended to prevent complications. Some time will have to be spent on recovery after your very last teeth are extracted. For that reason, there are certain things you need to understand even before you think of getting the wisdom teeth extracted.

Don’t Go Alone

Extraction of the wisdom teeth is not like any other extraction. More work is done with the use of anesthesia. You might need someone to offer you support in case you overreact to the anesthesia and extend your sleep. Some people are found to not be themselves by the time the procedure is complete. You cannot count on yourself for a ride home either. The remaining option is to accept to be a real patient and be accompanied by a guardian. These are the people to take the necessary actions when you are in need.

Buy Cold Compresses

You will need to be ready with these as swelling is a guaranteed. After the extraction, you can expect to have the gum around the impacted area to be totally swollen. Swelling will continue for a period of 24 hours before it attains its optimal point. It will then start recessing to its normal position. To curb the swelling and the pain, cold compresses helps. At the same time, keep the head upright to prevent interference of fluids with the area.


You will need some time off for sure. The anesthesia will keep you going only for some hours after the procedure is complete. The rest will have to be taken care of by the medication you are going to get. Such medication may cause sleep which you very much need. In the process of relaxing, you aid in the process of healing.

Buy the soft foods

It’s not the time to dare your teeth. It’s time to go soft on them. You will need to stock up your home with only the foods that your teeth can handle. In so doing, you prevent further injures on the extracted area and infections.

Don’t Brush 

It is recommended that you don’t skip a day without brushing. However, treat wisdom extraction as a special case. Brushing can interfere with the condition of the gums by bringing in more injuries and extending the recovery period. Instead of brushing, go for a clean cloth and wipe away the dirt from the teeth surfaces.

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